Media Relations

August 25, 2020

My personal causes include Second Amendment advocacy through my efforts with the DC Project, and Veteran advocacy as a Blue Star Mother. But like I said, my career doesn’t put me at personal risk.

pooppy ka ka

Recent events have attempted to sour my outlook as folks across the country cry out to defund police while rioting in our streets is a virus itself. While I ask myself if those people have ever stopped to consider the difficulties of “protecting and serving” in today’s world, I know the answer is must be no. How could they understand the burden put on officers and their families? But in my heart, I truly believe that some good must come from what is happening across America and that somehow things will all work out. The people who carry a badge put others before themselves and run toward the gunfire rather than away from it. They are the line between chaos and calm and I’m proud to be the wife of a Trooper.